The Truth About The Grenfell Tragedy

Just a few days ago, an awful tragedy loomed across the whole of the UK. The Grenfell Tower in West London was seen to be a lit inferno for reasons that are not yet known. This was a 24 storey block that rapidly got eaten up by the flames as a result of the newly fitted cladding. I should point out that it has not yet been confirmed if this fire spread so quickly because of this cladding, however it seems to be a majority agreement.

30 people are known to have died and 58 are missing (and are presumed dead) but very few survivors and victims have yet to appear on the news – only witnesses. These numbers don’t seem to add up.

These ghastly images were captured within hours – even minutes – after the block was set alight. Would you believe me if I told you that the advice of the fire service was to “stay put.”? Well, that’s exactly what they ‘advised’ people inside the building to do. The “stay put” policy has been used since the 1950s and for such ferocious flames like these this advice would seem… logical? Think of it like this: if you tried to escape, you were sure to get burnt quite a bit. However, can you imagine how the people that were trapped inside of their flat, watching the flames engulf them, felt after being told they’d have to wait for death to arrive – knowing they were going to die.

Desperate mothers resorted in throwing their babies out of the windows to members of the public. One was said to have screamed, “Just save my child!” How heartbreaking.

Speculations of an exploded fridge were said to have caused this fire, although again this has not yet been specified. This tower block did not have sprinklers installed and throughout the whole of this 24 storey block there was only one fire exit. One. Would you then be surprised to know that majority of fire alarms failed to work during the fire? Perhaps. But, would you be surprised if I told you that a safety check was passed by government, the council and even the fire brigade service prior to the fire. Would it then seem a shock to know that this cladding that was newly fitted was not fire-proof? It seems bizarre to think that these obvious alarm bells were ever so clear, yet they deemed it safe to not have the basic necessities for safety. Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of a safety check? Well, I’m no expert, but what I do know is that this fire was a disaster waiting to happen and even many residents saw it coming too.


This picture above shows some volunteers helping out with donations that were brought from people across the country. Things such as food and clothing were generously given to support the recovering victims. Here’s when a large chunk of the truth comes in. Various help spots were darted around London where people could drop off their donations. After a few days, these places were denying people’s donations because they had enough. If the irony hasn’t hit you yet, allow me to explain. Let me first remind you of an image of the fire.



Does this look like a fire in which many survivors will arise from alive? The news initially reported a total of 17 people that had died. 17. Of course there are implications whereby the fire was so awful that faces are no longer identifiable. However, due to an existing lack of victims/survivors present, who are the donations going to? A few victims and family members of the victims living in the block were handed donations and should have enough to be materially sorted for a while. But where are the remaining donations that are securely in the thousands going?


Here’s where. “Free clothes”. Yes, these generous donations for the victims are being freely handed out to members of the public! If this wasn’t surprising enough, many volunteers were asked by Instagram-famous @djisla, “Do you know where these boxes are going?” while they were packing them off into the back of a lorry, to which they replied, “I don’t know.” If you are still trying to figure out what I am trying to say, then I am simply stating that all of these donations are pretty much useless because 90% of the people that lived in the Grenfell Tower Block have lost their lives.

Therefore, I am not urging you to not donate, I am simply saying you could be doing much more beneficial things to help the remaining mourning victims or even the community. Volunteering to help clear up debris, making sure donations are being handed to the right people or even simply offering a shoulder and exchanging emotional support. The people of Grenfell Tower Block have been severely let down by the government and even their local council. They have been shown a complete lack of empathy and urgency from PM Theresa May and their views are not being rightly aired on TV. A minute of silence for WW2 soldiers. A minute of silence for the Manchester bombing. A minute of silence for the recent London terror attack. Where is Grenfell’s acknowledgement of London’s most devastating fire incident in years?

My heart, condolences and thoughts are with anyone who has been affected, who has lost their life and who has lost loved-ones due to this devastating catastrophe.


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  1. Hi- Can I say that you are thinking exactly the same things I am .120 homes, some 4 bedroom in heart of London , surely many overoccupied? Maybe 400+ occupants. If, as suggested the fire started on the 4th floor then potentially 20 floors affected- 17 people on each floor. Minus those who escaped – we don’t see much of them, those in hospital and those known to be missing. We MUST be talking 150 or more- so how come only 58 are missing? The figures are deliberately vague and the media is concentrating on the fire itself and the cladding- I have seen some locals say some very disturbing things on TV interviews. Fire started outside/lots of body bags/100’s dead/fire brigade were late- I fear the story we are being fed is at least a deliberate suppression of the reality. Thank you for courage in raising these points.

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